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As products are made available, this page will be updated with pricing and information. Contact me for information on additional or custom products and be sure to check out our Services page to get an idea of our capabilities. Shipping is via USPS Priority Shipping which is 2-3 day delivery throughout the USA. International surface and priority airmail is also available.

Bruiser 12mm Conversions - Now manufactured by 1badjeepbruiser on RCC

Rummy RC is no longer producing bruiser conversions. The rights have been passed on to someone who understands the process very well and was a huge factor in getting these conversion done. Mike (1badjeepbruiser) is now currently the one producing the conversion and is the main contact if you would like to have a set done or want to purchase individual parts.

You can view the thread he has made for taking orders by clicking here

I'll be keeping this page up to help him with the conversions.

Bruiser 12mm Front Axle C Adapter set

(Part # B12C-AC) Click here for the Installation Sheet

Rummy RC

Bruiser 12mm Rear Axle Machining
(Part # B12C-MA)

bullet Rear Axle housing machined to fit sleeve
bullet Inner axle narrowed, threaded and hole drilled for pin
bullet (2) Bearing spacer shortened to match housing width
bullet (4) 5mm x 11mm x 4mm Metal Shielded bearings
bullet Shims for ring/pinion mesh setting

(This does NOT include a Bruiser axle. Axles are supplied by customer, RummyRC will machine the axle as explained above and in the diagram below. Please email for shipping address)

Axles will be returned unassembled. All parts / machining services listed can be done separately upon request.

Order Details:
In order to keep costs down, RummyRC needs to machine 10 axles or more at a time. This saves considerable cost on setup and enables RummyRC to offer the pricing listed above. Please email to get an expected machine time.

Rummy RC

Picture #1 of the Bruiser 12mm Rear Axle Machining
Picture #2 of the Bruiser 12mm Rear Axle Machining
Picture #3 of the Bruiser 12mm Rear Axle Machining

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